Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS 2.2

Enhances the output of audio processing devices

Access the Digital Power Station processing capabilities of your computer by launching the dedicated application and controlling audio output of the hardware and software. Parameters like depth, clarity, bass definition, presence, and field imaging are customizable.

Bongiovi DPS is a software program that provides users the tools to enhance the audio experience of their audio devices, either they are basic headphones, desktop speakers, or more complex audio systems.

The installation process doesn't require advanced computer skills to complete. The same thing is valid for the use of the program. Once you've completed the installation, you get in contact with a standard interface, comprised of a top main menu and an information display area. The fonts and text colors offer good contrast while the variety of themes lets no room for boredom. Yet, there is a slight delay when you navigate through the menu and the choice of font style seems questionable.

When it comes to its features, it must be said that there isn't an abundance of them, but those who are present are very well optimized.

As a user, you can select one of three presets from the main window, as per your personal need. You have the Headphones, the Built-in speakers and the External speakers options. These options can be combined to obtain a sound that is close to your expectations, depending on what you're listening.

Also, if you want more complex features, you can obtain them from the preferences menu. You get a shallow equalizer, a frequency customizer, and the option to save personalized profiles.

All things considered, Bongiovi DPS is a cheap and well-optimized program to help you improve the audio quality of your personal audio devices.

John Saunders
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  • Comes with a wide variety of themes
  • Has good contrast colors
  • Comes packed with a shallow equalizer


  • Has a poor font style choice
  • Has a slight navigation delay
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